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Commissioning Prayer

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We're excited to launch Commissioning Prayer, a special time of prayer during church services.  These bimonthly prayers highlight what we call the Spheres of Society. Below are the six spheres and examples of work roles within each sphere:  

Education (teachers, students, administrators, counselors, bus drivers, homeschool moms/dads, labor/maintenance)
• Media & Entertainment (artists, sports industry, musicians/producers, radio, television, photographers, journalism, writers, actors, gaming industry)
• Family & Social Services (stay at home moms/dads, grandparents, babysitters, care givers, retirement homes, after school programs, social workers)
• Medicine & Science (doctors, nurses, EMTs, psychologists, computer engineers, software developers, mechanical engineers, network specialists, scientists aeronautical engineers)
Justice & Government (lawyers, gov't offices, court system, police, fire department, paralegals, administration, politicians, correctional officers)
• Business & Economics (sales, production, administrative/clerical, skilled services (such as electrician, plumbing, mechanic, etc), financing, banking, food industry)  

We at CCC want to pray over you as representatives of the church in each sphere, because your work matters to God and it is a big part of "Serve" in our Mission Statement as you live out Christ’s calling over your life and share God with others.

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Commissioning Prayer

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