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Real-World Parenting Seminar

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Parents (or anyone interested in parenting ) with kids of all ages, join us for a Real-World Parenting Seminar on Thursday, March 28, hosted by Kids & Students’ ministries. Doors open at 6PM in the Main Lobby, and you can choose 1 of 3 seminars: 
Navigating Our Digital World - Learn practical ways to crate a media-safe home, set limits and teach our kids how to use social media responsibly. - Brett Derr & Jen Moyer
Safe to Say Something - The new Pennsylvania State law, born out of the Sandy Hook Promise, is a new school safety anonymous tip program. School age kids are learning how to recognize warning signs and signals and report threats through the anonymous reporting system. Now you can learn what they are learning. - Natalie Corcimiglia  
How to Talk to Children and Teens About Suicide - Learn what puts kids at greatest risk for suicide and how to have caring conversations at any age. - Peggy MacQueen and Nance Clugh

We will also have food, raffle giveaways, and a $5 resource table. FREE event!
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Real-World Parenting Seminar

March 28 | 6PM | Main Lobby