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CCC Committees

Click on the name of any committee to send an email and get in touch.

Facilities Committee  | 

Elder Overseer: Steve Reisinger Jr.
Chair: Ralph Means


Facilities Sub-committees and leaders:

Landscaping/Exterior – Eric Toy & Steve LaBriola
Church Work Day – Steve LaBriola, Eric Toy & Glenn Battaglia
Decorating – Susan Rivell and Kim Burch
Interior Finishes – Steve Reisinger Sr., Joe Weaver & Glenn Battaglia
General Maintenance – Joe Weaver & Steve Reisinger Sr.


Hospitality Committee |
Elder Overseer: Doug Miller

Coordinator: Megan Udinski
Chair: TBD

Hospitality Sub-committees TBD


Safety & Security Committee |
Elder Overseer: Jonathan Hankin
Chair: Ralph Means

Safety & Security Sub-committees TBD


Expansion Committee |

Upcoming projects for Expansion Committee:
- Plan for a secure children’s wing
- Find a solution for drop off accessibility
- Resurfacing the church parking lots
- Thinking through future expansion needs