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Little KidzROCK (LKR)

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In Little KidzROCK (LKR), we focus on helping kids build their spiritual foundations through age appropriate teaching, worship, and small group activities. We strive to make sure before each child enters elementary school, they know three basic truths - God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever. Each month we focus on a specific topic relating to God and His relationship with your kids. These topics help your little ones to better understand the immeasurable love God has for them and the great things He can do through them!

As a leader, a fully encompassing curriculum is provided for you monthly. This allows you to navigate and prepare yourself for each week ahead of time. Our weekly curriculum includes topic related games, memorization activities, crafts, and more! The best part, all supplies are provided for you - meaning your prep time is minimal! Our curriculum even details a script for each activity, providing transitions from one activity to another, ensuring your morning flows smoothly.  In addition to small group activities, we also provide large group time where you and our kids can enjoy worship and a Bible story. Large group is lead by one of our designated worship leaders and storytellers. Our goal is to always create a worry free environment for you, so you can focus on showing our kids the tangible love of Jesus! Our little ones can’t wait to meet you, they are eagerly awaiting the love and encouragement you have to give!

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Little KidzROCK (LKR)

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