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Meet Our Partners
Thank you for prayerfully and financially supporting our CCC ministry partners! Your support is helping to spread the good news of Jesus in our community and around the world. Please note: some partners are not shown or named for security reasons, however, we still want to represent their good work in the mission field. If you would like to connect with our partners or find out about opportunities to serve, email us at


This person is living in eastern Europe, as a special education teacher, working with those who live with disabilities and training those who care for and teach children with special needs. They are beginning to work with students and preparing to train teachers. Pray for this person as they transition into a new environment and lifestyle. Pray that school supplies arrive safely and meets the needs of the school.  

Kevin Bauder
Kevin serves with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in a variety of Interim leadership roles. His current role is interim Regional Director for the Mid Atlantic Region. He serves the staff who are serving in campus ministry with graduate students and faculty from Washington D.C. to Maine. InterVarsity works to spread the good news of the Gospel to students on campus. 

Mark and Kim Beazley
Mark and Kim serve with PI. Mark's role takes him around the globe where he helps workers go deeper in their lives with God through worship, prayer, teaching, mentoring, and soul care. He often uses his gift of worship leading as he is asked to lead the times of worship for the PI community. Their vision is to see the spirits of workers renewed through Christ.


Bride Academy

The Bridge Academy & Community Center
The Bridge Academy and Community Center uses the creative arts, education, and community projects as a means to build relationships with their community of Coatesville. They strive to see all students excel through assistance with homework, educational classes, and one-on-one tutoring. Monday through Thursday, the BACC runs Homework Clubs and Teen Nights with a full meal, creative arts, physical activities, and homework help. 


This couple serves as Team Leaders in Asia and they have lived there since January of 1991. They partner with national believers, seeking to reach the unchurched areas. Additionally, they are engaged in Green Disciple Making Movements, through family scale sustainable agriculture efforts. 


Kathy Bowers
Kathy works with OMF International as the US Third Culture  Kid (TKC) advisor. In this role she comes alongside over 100 missionary families assisting them with the unique challenges of cross cultural living. Kathy, Mark, and their three children were overseas in China for 15 years with OMF prior to this role. 


Chester County Women’s Services
CCWS is a pregnancy care medical center that focuses on educating and empowering women and ministering to families in need. They have locations in Coatesville, West Chester, and Kennett Square. CCWS is a safe place for women to come for help- free of charge.


Coatesville Kids to College
Keith and Ali Wilburn have started an initiative called Coatesville Kids To College which seeks to help the youth of Coatesville attain key skills and resources necessary for them to attend a college of their choice. The mission is to break the cycle of poverty in the community which often is the biggest barrier preventing students from attending college.

County Corrections Gospel Mission
County Corrections Gospel Mission (CCGM)
County Corrections Gospel Mission was established to bring hope to prisoners, their families and to correctional professionals, caring leaders and other caregivers who make up the team that embrace the increasing sorrows that have resulted from moral, ethical, spiritual and family failure. Local prisons and jails mirror our own neighborhoods and those ‘at risk’ within them. You probably live within 30 minutes of such an institution and are invited to help in this unrelenting pursuit of broken lives both inside the jail and within the systems of Corrections settings. 


Fishhook International
Fishhook International was started by Richard and Annie Samuel and includes several national ministries. They run an orphanage for children, homes for elderly homeless women, a facility for young at-risk women, and a bible school and training center for women. Through Fishhook, women gain the skills and help they need for a better future. 

Tom and Colleen Fraser
Tom and Colleen have been on staff with Cru for over 40 years, serving in Campus Ministry. Cru is trusting God to reach the 150 million college students and faculty in the world. Colleen’s heart for prayer has led her to serve on the National Prayer Team. She also uses talks and events to encourage staff and students to engage with Christ in a more intimate way. Tom serves on the Ministry Partner Development leadership team, leading coaches. These coaches then train students who go off to other campuses in  the US and around the globe. 

Good Works

Good Works

Good Works is a Christian nonprofit organization dedicated to repairing homes and restoring hope for low-income homeowners in Chester County, Pa. They extend God’s love in a tangible way to families living in substandard housing by working with them to make their homes warmer, safer, and drier. Services are offered at no cost, and volunteers do most of the repairs. The goal is to see people rise above their level of poverty and experience a richness through being cared for. Good Works wants everyone in the surrounding community to know that their personal situations and stories matter. 

Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation



Hicks Foundation
The Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation was started in 2010 to honor Andrew’s life and demonstrate the love of Christ to the youth of Chester, Pa. The Hicks Foundation seeks to identify needs in the community and fulfill them with the help of Henderson High School Students and the West Chester, Pa community.



This couple serves with Pioneers, focusing on equipping field workers in Southeast Asia. This involves multiple trips a year training local believers, following up, and developing media strategies for outreach. The prayer is that these could be a vehicle for God’s truth to be revealed to many unreached areas.

International Justice Mission
IJM is a global organization that protects the poor from violence, slavery, and exploitation across the developing world. Their global team includes hundreds of lawyers, investigators, social workers, and community activists. The team partners with local authorities to rescue victims, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors, and strengthen justice systems. 


This couple serves with Pioneers. They focus on using media to connect with un-reached people across North Africa and the Middle East. Chat rooms, mobile apps, and social media are some of the tools they consistently use to reach out to people. Additionally, this person provides Arabic translations of some English websites to help empower and disciple new Christians within the Arab world. 

Amy and Eric L.
Eric and Amy serve with Frontiers. They seek to bless the Nations by ministering to God’s front-line workers. They coach missionaries serving with Muslim people around the world. Frontiers’ coaches assist workers and their families through every phase—from their initial transition to the field and throughout the challenges of their ministries.

Michelle Manthey

Michelle Manthey serves with New Mornings ReEntry Services in Chester County. As the Prison Ministry Coordinator, Michelle manages volunteers to provide one-on-one mentoring, Bible studies, and Fresh Start classes. These classes offer both practical guidance and foundational faith based practices to restore the hope of inmates. 

New Mornings

New Mornings ReEntry
New Mornings is currently working with inmates serving time in correctional facilities in the Coatesville area. As previous inmates transition back to their normal life in Coatesville, they are partnered with mentors who work along side them as a source of encouragement and accountability.


This couple serves with Pioneers in the US. They serve on the Strategic Leadership Team and is the Director of Arab World Initiatives. They are also the Pre-Field Coach for the North Africa/Middle East region and currently coaches, encourages, and guides about 50 units (both families and singles). They have a heart to see the love and passion of Christ reach Arab world Muslims.
“Since 2003, our highly committed staff and volunteers have overseen our innovative, faith-based, after-school, weekend and summer programs. The overall goals continue to provide support, and resources necessary to make positive life experiences for our youth. We focus on empowerment, boundaries, and expectations with a commitment to learning, create positive values, learn social competencies and create a positive identity in every student all in a supervised, safe environment.”  You can find more information at

Safe Families
Safe Families

Safe Families for Children is a national movement of compassion that gives hope to families in crisis. They create extended family like supports for desperate families through a community of volunteers. These volunteers are motivated by faith to keep children safe and keep families intact.

She is Safe
SIS works to help women and girls in high risk places who may be suffering from abuse, violence, and exploitation. SIS wants to equip women to live in freedom and faith for a strong future. Overseas SIS intervenes through practical grassroots programs of rescue, health and hygiene education, economic empowerment, and spiritual development. Michelle Rickett is the Founder and CEO of SIS. She has over 20 years of experience in international women’s outreach.  

This couple serves with Interdev Partnership Associates as the Regional Director and Partnership Advisor for the South East Asia region. In this role, they develop partnerships of churches and mission agencies to connect with unreached people. They are often involved in the teaching and training of church leaders and Christian organizations.

Keith and Ali Wilburn
Keith and Ali are raising their children and ministering in the city of Coatesville. Keith is the Director of Coatesville  Kids to College (CKC). Their hope is to break the cycle of poverty in the Coatesville community and help youth graduate from college. They have after school help for preschool, elementary, and high school students. The goal of CKC is to ensure that all the youth of Coatesville have the skills, resources, and support necessary for them to attend and successfully graduate from a college of their choice.  

This couple is originally from South Africa. This person serves as the regional leader for the Middle East Region of Pioneers. They provide leadership to the Pioneers church planting effort in the Middle East. They also provide oversight for Arab World Media. The team uses various media (radio, television, internet, and personal correspondence) in Arabic and French to present the Gospel to Muslims of the Arab World.


Support pregnant + parenting teens ​THROUGH MENTORSHIP, COMMUNITY, AND A LIFE WITH CHRIST.

YoungLives​ clubs are regular gatherings with parenting teenagers and mentors with the support of childcare workers and various community help. Clubs meet around the world offering fun, laughter, encouragement and an inspirational message. Other YoungLives​ activities may include Bible study, group outings and life skill instruction. You can find more information at

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