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You can reach our office by phone (M-Th from 8:30AM–4:30PM, or Fridays from 9:00AM-12:00PM) at (610) 431-0300 or send us a message using the form below:

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Bridge Academy
The Bridge Academy & Community Center, Coatesville PA:

The Bridge Academy and Community Center uses the creative arts, education, and community projects as a means to build relationships with their community of Coatesville. They strive to see all students excel through assistance with homework, educational classes, and one-on-one tutoring. Monday through Thursday, the BACC runs Homework Clubs and Teen Nights with a full meal, creative arts, physical activities, and homework help. 
Opportunities to Serve: The Bridge Academy invites you to help with homework club, teen nights, one-to-one tutoring, and the annual Book Bag Drive. 
BACC Website:
More Information:
Serve with BACC:


Cityteam, Chester PA

Cityteam is a nondenominational Christian non-profit serving the poor, the homeless, and the lost in local communities in the United States and around the world. Cityteam has many programs such as a career center, men’s services, women and baby care, family care, and a medical and dental clinic. 
Opportunities to Serve: Every Saturday, Cityteam opens up their dining hall as a five-star restaurant called Hope Café. Guests are treated to a healthy meal, and have the opportunity to stay for a worship service after dinner. You can also serve by being a mother and baby helper, distribute fresh produce, deep clean the kitchen, and more! 
Cityteam Website:
More Information:
Serve with Cityteam: 

County Corrections Gospel Mission

County Corrections Gospel Mission (CCGM), Coatesville PA

County Corrections Gospel Mission was established to bring hope to prisoners, their families and to correctional professionals, caring leaders and other caregivers who make up the team that embrace the increasing sorrows that have resulted from moral, ethical, spiritual and family failure. Local prisons and jails mirror our own neighborhoods and those ‘at risk’ within them. You probably live within 30 minutes of such an institution and are invited to help in this unrelenting pursuit of broken lives both inside the jail and within the systems of Corrections settings. 
Opportunities to serve: CCGM needs volunteers to help with afternoon, evening and weekend church services, Bible studies, discipleship, counseling, rehabilitation. Learn more about the Chaplaincy program at the Chester County Prison and how to get involved as a professional religious volunteer. 
CCGM Website:
More Information: (Men's ministry), (Women’s ministry)
Serve with CCGM: 

Chester County Women's Services
Chester County Women’s Services, Chester County PA

CCWS is a pregnancy care medical center that focuses on educating and empowering women and ministering to families in need. They have locations in Coatesville, West Chester, and Kennett Square. CCWS is a safe place for women to come for help- free of charge.
Opportunities to Serve: CCWS Medical is always seeking servant hearted people to help with a variety of tasks such as maintenance, teaching, and counseling. 
CCWS Website:
More Information: 610-383-0930
Serve with CCWS:

Coatesville Kids to College
Coatesville Kids To College, Coatesville PA:

Keith and Ali Wilburn have started an initiative called Coatesville Kids To College which seeks to help the youth of Coatesville attain key skills and resources necessary for them to attend a college of their choice. The mission is to break the cycle of poverty in the community which often is the biggest barrier preventing students from attending college.
Opportunities to Serve: Volunteers can help with financial needs as well as administrative work, graphic design, trip planning, and more.
CKC Website:
More Information:
Serve with CKC: 

Good Works

Good Works, West Chester & Coatesville PA

Good Works is a Christian nonprofit organization dedicated to repairing homes and restoring hope for low-income homeowners in Chester County, Pa. They extend God’s love in a tangible way to families living in substandard housing by working with them to make their homes warmer, safer, and drier. Services are offered at no cost, and volunteers do most of the repairs. The goal is to see people rise above their level of poverty and experience a richness through being cared for. Good Works wants everyone in the surrounding community to know that their personal situations and stories matter. 
Opportunities to Serve: You can help with building and construction (no experience necessary), making lunches, or praying with the homeowner. 
Good Works Website:
More Information: 610-383-6311
Serve with Good Works: 

Andrew L. Hicks Jr. Foundation
Hicks Foundation, West Chester/Chester PA

The Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation was started in 2010 to honor Andrew’s life and demonstrate the love of Christ to the youth of Chester, Pa. The Hicks Foundation seeks to identify needs in the community and fulfill them with the help of Henderson High School Students and the West Chester, Pa community.
Opportunities to Serve: There are many options to serve with students ranging from lower elementary school all the way through high school students transitioning to college (Warrior Guides, Rise, Launch). You can sign up to volunteer for one of their many programs, or help out by giving a monetary donation.
Hicks Foundation Website:
More Information: 1-866-254-5710
Serve with Hicks Foundation: 

New Mornings ReEntry
New Mornings ReEntry, Coatesville PA

New Mornings is currently working with inmates serving time in correctional facilities in the Coatesville area. As previous inmates transition back to their normal life in Coatesville, they are partnered with mentors who work along side them as a source of encouragement and accountability.
Opportunities to Serve: New Mornings is in need of volunteers to help with their Fresh Start course as well as some bible studies. Additionally, they need supplies such as toiletries for their Grace Bags.
New Mornings Website:
More Information: 610.380.1587 /
Serve with New Mornings: 

Safe Families
Safe Families, Philadelphia/Lancaster PA

Safe Families for Children is a national movement of compassion that gives hope to families in crisis. They create extended family like supports for desperate families through a community of volunteers. These volunteers are motivated by faith to keep children safe and keep families intact.
Opportunities to Serve: Supporting and creating stable environments for struggling families is their mission, and volunteers are always welcome to help with babysitting, providing meals, and donating goods and services. Family Coaching, Host Families, Family Friends, and Resource Friends are also great serving opportunities to connect long term with the children and families. 
Safe Families Website:
More Information: (800) 238-4269
Serve with Safe Families: 

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